About Heavy Duty Alignment Centre

Heavy Duty Alignment Centre was started 22 years ago by Rob Carey and Johan Walters. We initially started as the 1st fully comprehensive heavy vehicle alignment shop in South Africa. With owner Rob Carey’s background in garage equipment sales and mechanical work he saw a need in the transport industry for proper wheel alignment. Up until this stage wheel alignment was not really even considered a cost saving exercise. However when Hunter computerised wheel alignment equipment for heavy vehicles came on the market we decided that here was an area of transport where large amounts of money were being wasted. A Hunter machine was bought and combined with Camber correction equipment. The industry quickly realised that wheel alignment was not just another cost but that it was a necessity.

We have since diversified into other related repairs. This includes chassis straightening, wheel balancing, king pin replacement, any suspension work and any steel repair work on trailers and trucks.

We also started a mobile service to do wheel alignments on site. However comprehensive alignments on trucks and truck tractors cannot be done on site. It is important for to note that only some suspensions are adjustable on site so please be aware of Mobile services offering complete alignments. The work that can be carried out on site is very limited. Your mobile service should notify you if there is a problem he cannot correct. This can cost your hard earned profits!

We do have machines based at various trailer manufacturers and effect pre delivery alignments on their new products.

We also have good relationships with most manufacturers and work together with them to give you as little as possible headaches regarding tyres and alignments.

NB! We are on the panels of most insurance companies and will come to you to give a quotation or advice on your damaged vehicle.

Call us for any advice you may need.

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