Wheel Balancing

We utilise a Hoffman speed balancer. This is an on truck wheel balancing machine. Meaning that the wheels are balanced in place and not removed from the vehicle.

The benefit of this is that not only is imbalance in the wheels compensated for but also any imbalance in the brake drums or discs. This means a better balance as all rotating parts are balanced together.

This can be done on any solid i beam front axle. We can balance any truck from 3ton up.

Before balancing begins, king pins, tie rod ends and wheel bearings are inspected for play as this can affect balancing. So you also get a free service check on these parts.

If any faults are found we would be happy to quote on effecting the relevant repairs.

We keep most kingpin kits and tie rod ends in stock.

Heavy Duty Alignment Centre Wheel Balancer

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